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Turn your dream into a reality


Where do I even begin writing about Gatherings. I always wanted a wedding planner for my wedding but I thought it's going to be way too expensive.  I started out with just the linens but soon realized they were the extra help I needed to complete my dream wedding. I had a vision that I kept going back and forth on, but they helped me consolidate both my visions into one. I had hundreds of Pinterest pictures of ideas, themes and things I wanted. Let me just tell you there was nothing they couldn’t and wouldn’t do. No project, dream, wish, idea is too big or far fetched for them. I started wedding planning thinking I’ll have plenty of time to do all these projects and ideas I want, my friends and family will help me, ya let’s just say that was a joke even thinking that. There is absolutely no time to do all of those things, time passes so fast. They did it all, centerpieces, card box, favors, escort cards, table numbers, cake serving, swagging the ceiling, renting me an antique truck, buying and purchasing all of my outside rustic decor & more. They talked to my vendors and communicated with them so I didn’t have to worry about that as our wedding date neared. They were there for anything and everything even if it was just a phone call to vent about my wedding dress issues or anything at all. I can’t stress enough how truly incredible and amazing. I highly recommend them at the highest level. My wedding day came and they made my dream wedding complete. Everything was simply perfect,not a detail left out or a thing out of place. They don’t settle for less than perfection work and that’s what I got. They make me want to plan a wedding all over again. They made everything so relaxed. They are reasonable and always answer and complete projects in an extremely timely manner. Every bride should have these women help them. Thank you for everything. 

Ally & James


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