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Making Dreams Come True

Creating an event celebrating  love together is a truly special experience. Can you believe that is my job!

Starting about 15 years ago, offering only hand-lettered calligraphy, my design business has grown into a full service wedding/event design company. While our list of services has grown, our attention to details, commitment to creating a design plan that mirrors what you have been dreaming of, and our boutique approach has not changed.

The best way to see if Gatherings is a good fit for you is to schedule a consultation.  I love this initial meeting!

I get to find out what you would like your

dream wedding to be. At this meeting it is totally ok to show me all your pictures and to talk, talk about your wedding.

We love celebrations of any kind and would be

honored to be a part of yours. 

Madeleine Whitley
Owner & Designer

Turning a Vision into Reality

Your ideas and vision for how you want your wedding to be is the foundation of the design plan we create for you. We believe that each wedding and event should mirror your sense of style and personality and that it is our job to takes your ideas and create a celebration that is what you have envisioned.

Enjoying the planning process? With everything involved, it can get overwhelming. Pinterest and social media, while great resources for all things wedding, tend make you feel like you have to do it all and be absolutely perfect in every way.  But, you know what? You don't have to be! We truly believe that and we help guide along the way.


Perfectionists on Every Detail 

We believe that the entire process, from the beginning consultation to the last guest leaving, be as stress free as possible. Yes, we obsess about all the details, table settings, stationery, flowers, the perfect color. We truly believe that details are very important. But there is one thing that is not more important than details - In the end, what ultimately makes a beautiful & memorable event, is the feeling your family and guests leave with.

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